Sentimental Feelings

Relaxing Out of Doors
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I still have a hard time explaining how things were with my first doll, Claudia. I realize that I’ve been a very vocal advocate of Rosette Doll, and I still am. I still think they make an amazing product. My experience with the company has been overwhelmingly positive despite the very long shipping wait time dealing with a brand new company (although they are a SOOM subsidiary). I think that the Rosette Dolls are gorgeous and well worth a long wait, even with an imprecise shipping date. I still think that Violet is the most beautiful of the Rosette Dolls, and I absolutely love her beyond a doubt. Continue reading »

The Lull

Special Uniform [2]
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Poor Miss Claudia has been very neglected as of late. I feel quite guilty about it; she hasn’t become any less of a beautiful, wonderful creation–I just haven’t given her the attention she deserves. I don’t have an excuse for it, nor would I want to make one.

As a ball-jointed doll, no matter how lovely, is ultimately an inanimate object, I don’t really think that she can be “neglected” in the truest sense of the word. I don’t consider doll collectors who have their items only on display or carefully stored away to be neglecting their dolls. However, on a personal level I dislike failing to utilize something to its utmost in accordance with how I feel that item ought to be utilized. I don’t keep clothing that I don’t wear, no matter how much I love the design or suspect that maybe perhaps someday there might be a reason to wear it. I don’t store non-perishable dry goods infinitely in my cupboard; if it isn’t eaten/used within a reasonable time period and I have no plans for that item, I donate it. Toy items that aren’t played with or reasonably admired find new homes. Books that sit on the shelves for months at a time look for new owners from a library’s fundraising table. There is nothing I keep to excess. Continue reading »