Mi-chan Musings and Dolpa Excitement

As Dolpa gets closer and closer, I get more and more excited! It’s amazing to think that it’s only about a week and a half away~ ♥ I wish I had more spending money, but since I’m not buying another doll I’m not really all that concerned. I should have enough for new clothes and such for my girl. Even if I can’t get everything that catches my eye, it won’t be the end of the world! I don’t need to own these things, really. They’re just fun. Nothing ever entices me with as strong of a hold as, say, lolita fashion. And this is nothing compared to my My Little Pony sprint a few years ago. That was madness!

 One of the few pictures of the elusive Mi-chan. I hope there will be a lot more pictures of this girl after the NYC Dolpa!

I’m still worried about Mi-chan. @_@ The more I look at her pictures, the more I feel uninspired. u_u I’m quite worried that I won’t like her after all, and that would be such a disappointment~ I’m doing my best not to think about it, since there’s no good to be had from mulling over something like that.

This was the first picture I ever saw of Mi-chan! She looks so cute with this wig.

I’ve been looking at the picture that first piqued my interest in Mi-chan to remind myself why I liked her. Coincidentally, it was the image from the Marshmallow Smock Set that is my all-time favourite outfit for Claire. When I saw that cute face modeling the adorable pink outfit, I wondered who she was. For a while I thought that “Mi-chan” was a nickname used on the website for Mika, Midori, or Mihmi…but it confused me because the doll in the picture didn’t look anything like either of those dolls.

I did buy a pair of green glass eyes for her, but I haven’t bought a particular wig. I’m thinking that maybe I’ll find inspiration at Dolpa, since I don’t know what to get yet. Mostly, though, I want things for Claire. I can’t get rid of this inkling suspicion in my mind that having more than one doll won’t be a long-lasting situation for me.

I mostly worry about this because that was why I sold all of my Pullips and exited from that hobby. When I first got into Pullips I purchased a Little Alice, and I messed with her for a bit before deciding I wanted a “real” Pullip. I sold Little Alice and bought Raphia. For a few months, I had a lot of fun with Raphia. I shuffled through my old Barbie items to find clothes and furniture for her, created a little bedroom diorama scene for her to live in, and took numerous pictures of her. She was the reason for my email address and domain name purchase.

Then I purchased Sage and Nina, hoping to modify them both slightly to look like more like me and my at-the-time boyfriend (now husband). After that, I played with them a bit…and then less…and less. Even when I asked for Hello Kitty as a present, I did nothing with her once she was out of the box. Same for Stica, an even later purchase. At that point they were no longer playthings, but display objects, and that is why they are no longer mine. I don’t do well with display objects. That’s also why I found a new home for Claudia, my beautiful Rosette Doll.

Well, no matter what happens, it will be an experience! I can’t wait to see what Dolpa is like!

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