Photostory: Under the Christmas Tree

“Why are there still presents here? Are they for friends?”
Don’t point, dear. Why don’t you see who the presents are for?

“F-for me? But I already opened the presents from you!”
Have you been good this year?

*laughter* Yes, you have been good, silly thing.

Go on; Santa brought it just for you.

I wonder who’s idea the guitar was…

“I look just like the boy when he practices all the time! Right?”
Maybe he’ll teach you how to play.

“Look! Look! I got toys!”
Why, you did. You must have been very good this year. And there’s still one more.

“It’s so pretty! Is this really for me?”
Really and truly. Didn’t you want this outfit?

“Oh yes, very-very-very much.”

“I hope all the dolls everywhere were even more good, so Santa left them wonderful presents, too!”

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, everyone! ♥

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