Off She Goes!

It feels a little bit odd knowing in the house right now. I’ve finally made the decision to do it, so Claire is on her way to a customizer for new makeup. I was lucky enough to be able to commission one of my favourite face-up artists–Zingor! :3 I really admire her work–particularly because of her eyebrows. She paints some of the loveliest eyebrows I’ve seen–good shape, good detail of the individual hairs, and good placement. Even though it might sound silly, the eyebrows really matter to me! The default “Nagisa in Preschool” eyebrows bothered me so much. I couldn’t stand how they are thicker and darker on the outer edge; it looks so unnatural.

However, that won’t be the only change. I’m excited that Zingor will be giving Claire a whole new look, based just around my desire for a happy little girl with pink tones. The original makeup just doesn’t look happy–the corners of her mouth seemed almost turned down in certain angles. Also, the placement of the lip color is uneven and the tone is too dark for a child. I can understand the concept I presume they were going for, but it isn’t what I want for my doll.

I am really hopeful that Zingor will transform my little darling into the cutie I know she has the potential to be! I fell in love with the Nagisa face sculpt when I saw it, since it has the closest shape to that of my recent obsession: Volks Nono. However, the painting on it just isn’t what I really want for a doll. I would have been happier with makeup similar to Toppi or Mihmi–a natural, soft look appropriate for a young girl. Nagisa’s makeup, while still cute, is more heavy-handed with darker colours and stylization (such as for the eyebrows, lips, blushing, etc.).

It’s nerve-wracking to know that my girl’s head is in the hands of the United States Postal Service, though! I did what I could to protect myself against calamity, but sometimes things happen. I am anxious to see what her new makeup will look like, but it’s still a few weeks until I’ll see pictures. In the meantime, it’s a little bit amusing to have a headless body in my house~ (Although I certainly prefer her with a face!)

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