Volks USA Review

It’s official–I love ordering from Volks USA! Their process is so well-automated and smooth. I like the automated emails, easy to understand shopping cart system, and the way tracking is integrated into the order status. It’s never a hassle, but whenever I have had to contact the company directly they’re so polite and prompt.

Inside the Box
The contents of my package, once the bubble wrap protection was moved aside.

This order consisted of some supplies for the upcoming Dolpa (the charge went through today–I’m so excited!!) and a few random items I couldn’t resist for the Super Dollfie I don’t own!

Volks Eyelashes WT2 Black
Eyelashes WT2 Black

Quality: 9/10
These look better than most drugstore eyelashes, but still seem a bit blunt at the tips. They’re not as fine as real eyelashes, nor do they have a soft taper.

Price: 10/10
Overall, the eyelashes are inexpensive. This set was pricier because it has upper and lower eyelashes, but I think that’s fair.

Volks Eye Putty Pureskin Normal
Eye Putty Pureskin Normal

Quality: 9/10
This feels nicer than the putty that originally came in my first doll. It isn’t tacky, warms up nicely with just a bit of heat from one’s fingers, and is spongy. However, I haven’t mastered it. It sticks to my fingers or the tool I’m trying to use instead of the inside of my doll’s head. I worry that is due to residue from the silicone earplugs I had been using, though…

Price: 8/10
Kind of expensive, but it only takes a little bit to secure a pair of eyes. This one container has many, many dolls worth of putty.

Pureskin Normal Eye Putty and Doll Hand
This shows Claire’s hand with the putty. She’s a bit yellower than the putty is, but the colour is still very nice. It’s always possible that she has yellowed; I don’t have another doll to compare the putty to.

Volks Glass Eyes Green 18mm
HG Glass Eyes Green 18mm

Quality: 10/10
These are gorgeous eyes. I really like glass eyes, and the iris patterns on HG eyes tend to mimic the natural variations in the human iris very well. Although acrylic and silicone eyes are often printed with a more literal representation of these variations, I find that usually it looks like a picture of a human eye more than an actual human eye. These also have lots of depth and track well. The two eyes I received are consistent in iris and pupil size, with no unevenness or lopsided appearance.

Price: 10/10
They’re not inexpensive, but I don’t feel overcharged.

I tried to take a picture of these eyes in Claire’s head, but the lighting in my house is so bad that you can’t tell what colour they are. I’m going to take more in natural light and update with in-case and in-doll pictures later. ♥

Volks SB-SD-141 Shoes
SB-SD-141 Shoes (Red Ribbon Shoes)

Quality: 10/10
These shoes are lovely! The uppers are smooth and soft, without wrinkles or imperfections. The stitching is straight and even. They even came with the toes stuffed, to maintain their shape. The only thing I could have asked for would be a tiny shoebox–if only because it would be adorable. I may have to make one.

Price: 10/10
They weren’t very costly shoes, but the quality is wonderful.

Volks Shortcake Hat Set
Shortcake Hat Set (SD/SD13/DD Girl)

Quality: 10/10
This is very nicely made. The apron uses lace that I’m not usually very fond of, but it is very soft and looks appropriate in the design. The satin bows are neatly tied, firmly stitched, and finished nicely on the edges. The dress and apron had no hanging threads or uneven seams. The shortcake hat got a little crumpled from being in the bag, but it is still utterly adorable and regained a less-squished shape very quickly.

Price: 10/10
This was actually less expensive than one of the last outfits I purchased for Claire! It’s certainly not overpriced.

Volks Shortcake Hat Set Dress
This shoes the design of the dress without the apron! It has a very beautiful piece of lace running down the front.

Communication: 10/10
The automatic system kept me updated every step of the way! I love it~

Service: 10/10
My order was processed quickly and efficiently.

Shipping: 10/10
The package was shipped UPS, arrived when it was scheduled to, and was protected by careful placement and layers of bubble wrap.

Satisfaction: 10/10
If the quality of the items and services doesn’t diminish, I’m sure I’ll keep ordering from Volks USA! It’s almost in danger of being addictive. I keep thinking of the socks and wigs I’d like to own for my doll…and the dolls I don’t own yet.

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