Blooming Leila in My Heart

Things I know, with utter certainty, that I shouldn’t be doing: looking at other dolls. I don’t do nearly enough with my little Claire (although we’ll both be at Dolpa soon~) and I still cling to my Nono dream. Additionally, a Mi-chan will be coming home with me when we return from the event.

But sometimes, other dolls are so tempting!

It should be utterly evident by now that I am a sucker for big eyes and a very faint smile or slightly worried expression.

My current fixation is Blooming Leila, a fullset doll from Minoruworld. I like that the Juniors are slightly-smaller-than-MSD size. I like the way their makeup is painted. I think Leila’s little outfit from the fullset is adorable.

The biggest problem is that their facial sculpt Leila looks exactly like an original character of mine named Lottie. Lottie was a sweet, naïve teenage girl who looked and sometimes acted like an elementary school child. She had a heart of gold, but was very sickly and often absent due to illness. I’m still attached to the character, so whenever I see a doll that resembles her it makes little sparkles and hearts light up in my eyes~ ♥

She’s super-cute in so many pictures! I really love this one, from a limited fullset of a beauty white Leila.

Lottie wore lolita fashion, since she was created for a role-playing game that featured a high school where all the students wore lolita or other Japanese fashions. If I had a Lottie doll, she’d be cute and fluffy and frilly~ I dress Claire in cute and pink clothing, but not really lolita fashion. She has little girls’ clothing to wear, and I think it suits her very well. (Not to mention it is difficult to find high-quality lolita clothing for dolls. Most is not very well designed or constructed.)

She had large soft gray eyes and pale brown hair that curled haphazardly around her face. Although the fullset doll from Minoruworld wears a blonde wig, it’s precisely the style I imagine. I used to think that if she were a doll she’d be a Peakswoods FOC Yeru, but I think that Leila has a sculpt that is sweeter and a better match.

The outfit for Blooming Leila is adorable! I love the lolita fashion-inspired appearance and floral pattern.

I need to stay strong~ I’m very lucky that Blooming Leila is out of stock. Perhaps if I find that Mi-chan isn’t a good choice for me, I’ll wind up with a Leila. Who knows! It’s unlikely I’ll ever really start buying more and more dolls unless I stop buying more and more lolita clothing. And that is quite unlikely at the moment.

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